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  14-1-1 AP Judges Score Sheet, Bill Jacobs
  14-1-2 AP Construction, Bill Jacobs
  14-1-3 AP Conformity, Bill Jacobs
  14-1-4 AP Finish and Lettering, Bill Jacobs
  14-1-5 AP Scratch Building, Bill Jacobs
  14-2 Wax Paper, Gary Butts
  14-3 Build a Light Valence, Chuck Fisher
  14-4 Open the Drawer, Gary Butts
  14-5 Not all model tools come from your hobby shop!,Carl Heimberger
  14-6 Cutting Tools , Ed Hall, MMR
  14-7 Building Quick and Inexpensive Backdrop and Temproary Buildings, Morrie Fleishman
  15-1 Need a Porch Light? , Gary Butts
  15-2 Making Synthetic Wood, part 1, Dennis Ivison
  15-3 Making Synthetic Wood, part 2 , Dennis Ivison
  15-4 Miniature Drill Fills the Bill, Gary Butts, MMR
  16-1 Toothpicks and Trees!, Bill Jacobs
16-2 Tarpaper, Shingles, Wine Bottle Tops, Matches & Incense!, Bill Jacobs
16-3 Cut to the Chase, Gary Butts, MMR
17-1 Making Rocks and Mountains, Dennis Ivison
17-2-1 Modular Layout Building, Dennis Ivison
17-2-2 Easy Control Panel Construction, Gary Butts, MMR
17-3 Garphite, Dennis Ivison
18-1 5 Second Fix - or Not?, Gary Butts, MMR