July 9, 2020

*Prices, except as noted by the symbol, are valid as of November, 2019.


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Official Cajon Division "Polo" Shirt

item#: 12

Import quality Polo shirt with the Cajon Division Logo permanently embroidered above the breast pocket. Forest Green only, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL


            Pickup@Meeting       Delivered (USA)

S-XL:      $24.00                     $28.00

2XL:        $26.00                     $30.50

3XL:        $28.00                     $33.00

Add your embroidered name or affiliation (up to 3 lines) item# 12-1: $9.00

(Include your exact upper and lower case name/affiliation in "quotation marks" on the order form)


Official Cajon Division Name Badge


1-1/2" x 3" Aluminum back with full color Cajon Division Logo and your name

(Include your exact upper and lower case name in "quotation marks" on the order form)


Pin attachment, item#: 14 : $13.00 Pickup@Meet, $15.00 Delivered (USA)

Magnet attachment, item#: 15: $14.00 Pickup@Meet, $16.00 Delivered (USA)


Official Cajon Division Embroiderd Patch


3" Diameter full coloor Patch suitable for sewing on to your favorite shirt or hat


Patch, Item# 18: $5.00 @Meet, $6.00 Delivered (USA)


Official Cajon Division Ball Cap

item#: 25

Made in USA high quality Ball Cap with full color embroidered Cajon Division Logo. This cap features a rigid bill and velcro size adjustment. Color: Cajon Division Green, one size fits all.


$15.00/ea Pickup@Meet, $17.50 Delivered (USA)