Order Board Newsletter 1975-1979 Archives

September 17, 2023


1979 December

Cajon Division Auction, Cajon Commentary, Annual Banquet, Photo Contest, Aand Diego Division Meet, UP Yard Tour, Prototype Tour coming, Meet a Success, Auction Agreement


1979 October

Cajon Meet Oct 14, L.A. Div Meet, 1980 PCR Convention, Cajon Commentary, Bylaws Ratified, Busineess Meeting, Schedule, Prototype tours coming, Auction Dec 1


1979 Summer

June Summer Meet Flyer


1979 Spring

Summer Meet, Cajon Commentary, Business Meeting, Barstow Yard Tour Success, Election Results, How About That, Wide Gauge World, Spring Meet a Success, Schedule, Listening In, Bylaws Ratification


1979 Winter

Annual Banquet, Cajon Commentary, Swap & Modular Meet, Schedule, Candidate's Statements, Official Ballot, Auction a Success, Spring Meet Help!!, Barstow Yard Tour


1978 November

December Auction Flyer


1978 Fall

Auction, Cajon Commentary, Disision Elections, Election Committee, Fall Meet, Schedule, Help!, Listening In, Annual Banquet, Auction Agreement


1978 Aug.-Sep.

Fun Day in the Park, From the Superintendent, About this Issue, Calandar of Events, Car Pools, Wide Gauge World, Cajon Commentary, Coming Attractions, Layout Tours, Thought on Clinics


1978 June-July

Spring Meet, Director's Report, From the Superintendent, About this Issue, Financial Report, Convention News, Wide Gauge World, Swap Meet


1978 Spring

The Fireman's Seat, About this Issue


1978 Winter

About this Issue, 1978 Calandar of Events, The Fireman's Seat, Wide Gauge World, Contest winner photos, Notes from the Underground, Banquet Announcement/Registration


1977 Summer

Editors Comments, From the Super, The Fireman's Seat, Wide Gauge World, Late News, New Officers, Notes from the Underground


1977 Spring

Open Letters, Duane Leetzow, Bob Bader, Stew Mulford, re: Election problems, Ramblings, "Cajon Pass '77", Knotts Berry farm Contest results.


1977 Winter

Cajon Pass mini Convention, Attention Private Layouts, Achievement Program, Railettes, Open Letter-Stewart Mulford, Open Letter-Frank Barone, On3 Anyone?, Prototype modelers 5th Annual Convention, Election Results, Banquet/Model RR Show- questions and answers, Notes from the Underground


1976 December

Know your candidates, 1977 "Cajon Pass" Mini Convention, Notes from the Underground, Shop Talk, Model Railroad Show: Buena Park Convention Center- Banquet


1976 October

Open Volunteer Letter, Notes from the Underground, Perris Contest winners, Time Table "76", Shop Talk


1976 Summer

Mini Train Clinic Schedule, Time Table '76, "Ramblings Jr.", "Let's Unite (with Sierra Division), Fall Meet-"Nostalgia Day" flyer, "Shop Talk", Open Board meeting, Notes from the Underground"


1976 June

Gary Stenberg Open Letter, PCR Convention: "Son of Ramblings", Notes from the Underground, Ballot, Amtrak pre Registration


1976 April

Mother's day picnic, New Happenings, Banquet Ramblings, "Ya'll Come", Contest comments, "Dedinterverence", "Ride Amtrak"


1976 Winter

Family Fun Day Registration, Sam LaBrecque Editorial, "Opportunity for the modeler", Coming events, "Freedom Train Ramblings", New Happenings


1975 Fall

Fall meet report, Round House Gang model Railroad Club, Annual February banquet announcement/schedule, Family fun day at Knotts, Las Vegas club meets.


1975 Fall

Fall Meet - Meet schedule of activities.


1975 Fall

Fall meet announcement, "Ex-super off to the frozen North", "Who is it?", "How to enjoy your hobby", "Attention all Railettes", Pizza meet report, Railroad quiz, "To be or not to be an Armchair Modeler", "Where they're at", "Here comes the judge (what to look for in a model)", "Save the Palms R.R. Depot", "Enter that contest", "The great coupler hook-up or unhook", "Different interests in the Division"


1975 Summer

Flyer- Ye Ol' Pizza Party, Shakeys, Tustin


1975 Summer

"When did Model Railroading Begin?", Officer nominations, "The Lazy Way to Make Rock Castings", swap meet, "Big Red Cars, Builders of Southern California", "It's a Womans Hobby too!", TimeTable, Wharehouse


1975 Spring

Flyer- Picnic Meet, Riverside Live Steamers, Hunter Park


1975 Spring

Cajon Directory, "Form 19", "The Blank Page- White Elephants", Railettes intro


1975 Winter

Flyer- Banquet, Knotts Berry Farm